Easy GAP

Service Design
Project Overview
Easy GAP is a program dedicated to helping farmers receive their GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification. My team (Katherine & Kelly) and I worked to design a solution that would give this program more traction with the local farmers. We were presented with the current process of forms that laid out tables for traceability when there was a contamination, and templated forms to build a recall notice.

What we learned is that most farmers are naturalistic learners. They can recognize patterns and exceptionally subtle differences in their environment. Naturalistic intelligence is usually paired with kinesthetic and group learning. Having this in mind, we developed a prototype for a more tangible system farmers can use to perform traceability and recall.
Proposed Solution
A tactile map for traceability that is paired with a handheld booklet for recall and press release forms.
Tactile Map + Booklet
Our result of the tactile map paired with a handheld booklet was made possible through research of Easy GAP's current process and farmers' daily processes in general. This involved developing a stakeholder map, blueprint, and utilizing the theory of multiple intelligences: all intelligences are distinct and equal.